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Live Events For a Global Audience

Live streaming and web conferencing are the best ways for audiences to experience special events, presentations, and meetings when they can’t meet face-to-face. With webcasting services from ATRTreehouse, your event is no longer confined to one physical venue: anyone can simultaneously experience your events from anywhere in the world.


No matter the size of your event, you’re in good hands with ATRTreehouse and our decades of expertise. Your reputation is on the line with every AV experience – that’s why we’ll move mountains to give you a great product. 

ATRTreehouse‘s diverse capabilites are available to fulfil all of your presentations needs, wherever the audience might be. We carefully review the scope of your project and provide the best solutions to keep communications running smoothly.

Explore Our Capabilities

  • Scalable solutions for events of any size, from a simple single camera view to a multi-camera production 
  • Single-presenter broadcast or Multi-Point Desktop Conferencing integration
  • Wireless head-end options for locations with limited network infrastructures
  • Broadcast studio space and green screen options 
  • Custom stage sets   
  • Closed Captioning services for the hearing impaired
  • Viewer analytics
  • Access to event recording, re-broadcasting, and edited versions 
  • And many more!

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